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Cyco Ryzofuel Platinum Series


Ryzofuel is Australia’s leading brand of root stimulates, designed for indoor/Outdoor plants and seedlings. Ryzofuel can also be used on trees and bulbs.

Ryzofuel stimulates the plants defence System against moulds such as Pythium, Fuscirium, Mildew and Botrytis.

Our research and plant laboratory are regarded as one of the best globally. Resulting in the highest quality products each and every time.

Ryzofuel will rapidly accelerate new root growth. Containing a carefully designed and researched balanced formulation of the highest quality Tasmanian seaweed extracts and no less than 70 bio-growth stimulants and vitamins.

Ryzofuel will increase overall plant and root growth, resulting in Greater Yields.


Guaranteed Analysis:
Soluble Potash (K2O).................................0.2%

Derived From:

Bare Root:
Soak root stock on trees. Shrubs, flowering plants and natives for 15-30 minutes before planting 1:250 (4ml / 1ltr)

Indoor & Outdoor Plants:
For much more greener vigorous plant growth, setting more new flowers sites, add to nutrient feed schedule, by drenching or irrigating
1:2000 (0.5ml / 1ltr)

Fruiting & Flowering:
To stimulate advanced flower growth, heavier flowering and fruit, for increased new leaves and achieve a greater biomass, add to
fertilizer program or apply when plants are thirsty by drenching or (0.5ml / 1ltr).

Stress Relief:
Revive or help suffering potted plants, transplants, ornamentals, flowers, shrubs, natives, trees,