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@ Cyco « Wed 9:30 am »
Hi Zomby, sure thing, aslong as they keep with the theme of the forums.
@ ZombyWoof « Sat 6:27 pm »
Can we post photos
@ Kexsta « Tue 7:06 am »
has started a new topic: Feeding Charts and Nutrient Calculators
@ Kexsta « Tue 6:56 am »
has started a new topic: Seedlings and Clones
@ Wink30 « Mon 6:30 am »
Grow schedule with coco coir

We consider coco and peat growing media that are inert the same principle as a hydro feeding regime. Click here for our hydro feeding schedule:

http://www.cycoflower.com/nutrientsCalc ... anced.html
@ Antman62 « Mon 3:19 am »
What shoud i use fornthe seedings stage? Im running the platinum series with all the addons in coco
@ 8ace « Mon 8:16 am »
has started a new topic: Feeding for aeroponics
@ 8ace « Sun 4:47 pm »
Do I reduce Cyco recommended feeding amounts for aeroponics, (referring to feeding chart listed on Platinum box lid)
@ DILLIGAF « Fri 4:32 pm »
has started a new topic: New Member
@ ZombyWoof « Sat 3:59 pm »
has started a new topic: Flush, Feed
@ ZombyWoof « Fri 12:30 am »
Hi there, after running kleanse how long before i feed ? Just go with regular schedule or should i back up with a feed asap. Thanks.
@ Kotton_mowth « Fri 1:41 am »
has started a new topic: Thank you guys!
@ Shadownite83 « Sun 3:13 pm »
A 9 to 10 week bloom?
@ Royleroy « Sun 7:53 pm »
has started a new topic: Just a few questions...
@ Kexsta « Fri 5:15 am »
has started a new topic: Outback Series - Basic Usage Tips
@ djmagnus007 « Tue 12:44 am »
can I use Cyco to grow food, vegtables, is it safe to consume
@ seancunn_83 « Wed 11:02 pm »
What LED light/lights would you recommend for a 5x5 tent?
@ Kexsta « Wed 9:30 am »
has started a new topic: CYCO for Autoflower
@ Kotton_mowth « Sun 5:54 pm »
I am a first time grower that purchased the Cyco Platinum set. I am using Fox Farms soil as a media and am growing autoflower. How can I work out an autoflower schedule with the Cyco Platinum package? Or did I get talked into a very good looking product for another type of grow?
@ Leopold420 « Fri 8:58 am »
has started a new topic: Love Cyco
@ ZombyWoof « Fri 5:01 pm »
has started a new topic: Bloom
@ Shaz567 « Wed 7:05 pm »
has started a new topic: Ec
@ Shaz567 « Wed 3:53 pm »
has started a new topic: Hi every one
@ Shaz567 « Wed 2:53 pm »
has started a new topic: High EC problems
@ Doobiebirddaydream80 « Tue 12:48 am »
has started a new topic: Hello all
@ Bassmaster261 « Sun 3:19 pm »
has started a new topic: Full cyco line rockwool
@ johnfromakron1 « Thu 7:45 pm »
has started a new topic: Hi I'm johnfromakron
@ Big_Lp « Sat 3:57 pm »
@ MJM90 « Sun 2:13 pm »
has started a new topic: Feeding Chart PPM/EC
@ Cyco « Thu 11:11 am »
This section is for simple chat "Hey how is everyone" etc. Can we post questions & replies to the actual forums categories please, thanks.
@ Kexsta « Wed 1:03 am »
@Waye O what is your question about UVA/UVB?
@ Kexsta « Wed 1:02 am »
@MJMgo if you are using RO water then you should be fine. Add Kleanse and go. Kleanse has Citric Acid in it which will drop the pH a little more but not by much. Some growers will still pH down to a 5.5-6.0 range out of habit but not necessary, plus it will save you some money!
@ Kexsta « Wed 1:00 am »
@Big_Lp Kleanse usage rate is 1 mL per Liter of H2O. Do not mix Kleanse with nurtrients, use it on its own..
@ Kexsta « Wed 12:59 am »
@scroby definitely water your plants with Kleanse. It will remove excess salt build up in the root zone resulting in more efficient feeding. It is a good cleaner for pumps and drip lines as well is all. As far as setting your timer to feed there are a lot of variables at play. Best suggestion is a trial and error based solution. Basically, you want your growing media to dry out in between waterings in order to avoid root rot and potential pythium outbreak. General rule of thumb is to start conservative and add on waterings and feedings as your plants ’tell’ you when they are hungry/thirsty. A lot depends on the age of the plant as well as the strain and phenotype. Different strains at different parts of the life cycle are going to feed differently. Searching online for general feed instructions for your system would be a good place to start.
@ MJM90 « Sat 7:34 am »
Am I meant to PH the water after applying Kleanse for a flush? I’m using RO water.
@ MJM90 « Sat 7:32 am »
@ Big_Lp « Sat 3:30 am »
Got a question if ne one kan give me an answer. I would just like to know roughly how much kleanse to use
@ Scroby « Wed 11:03 pm »
@Kexsta Hey mate, so dont feed the plants Kleanse through the system necessarily and instead just soak the lines and clean my reservoir every week, top up with next weeks nutrients? Just wanted to make sure, cheers
@ Waye O « Wed 2:28 am »
got a question re: adding 280nm UVA/UVB
@ Waye O « Wed 2:27 am »
Hey all, how it going
@ Scroby « Mon 9:02 pm »
@Kexsta Also being that a timer controls when nutrient solution is dripped into the pots, would i be setting these on the timer? If so any suggested timing schedules?
@ Scroby « Mon 8:54 pm »
@Kexsta Thanks a heap mate,
@ Kexsta « Sat 7:16 am »
@scroby Go ahead and follow the Hydroponic Feeding Schedule and you will crush it. Just be sure to change the reservoir at least once a week and I would suggest soaking your drip lines in CYCO Kleanse in between grows to ensure there are no blockages. Take it easy!
@ Kexsta « Sat 7:13 am »
@criollebean88 What are you curious about?
@ Kexsta « Sat 7:00 am »
@statefarmz The runoff is going to vary due to multiple reasons, especially in soil. I assume that you are using a peat based soil mix and peat itself is naturally acidic so that is what is most likely driving the runoff pH down to 6.0 from 6.8. Another factor could be which growth stage your plants are in. Plants require different amounts of elements at different stages (i.e. Phosphorous, Nitrogen, etc...) . If they are leaving behind Phosphorous and consuming more Nitrogen or Potassium lets say, that can lower your runoff pH as well. Having an ideal pH will allow ideal nutrient uptake I would stick to the soil feed charts as I recommended in my last post, pH levels and all, and you will have tremendous results. The pH around the Rhizophere or root zone is more important than what your runoff is. Therefore, knowing the pH of the soil and adjusting your nutrient solution’s pH is paramount. Hope this helps,
@ Scroby « Thu 12:16 am »
Hey eveyone, interested in getting a WILMA XL 4-POT SYSTEM going soon, can anyone help me out on a feed scheduled for using both the whole of cyco nutrients line and cyco coco lite? I have found the grow feed charts just not sure how it would work with the drip style system! if anyone could help would be greatly appreciated, cheers!
@ Criollebean88 « Thu 2:29 pm »
Curious on the final flush for platinum
@ Kelseyt89 « Thu 12:56 pm »
has started a new topic: Cyco in soil?
@ Kelseyt89 « Thu 12:53 pm »
Is it okay to use the Cyco line in soil? Does anyone do this? Thx
@ statefarmz « Fri 5:31 pm »
@ Kexsta Thank you for the information. I will adjust the pH to 6.6 and see how that goes. I am feeding about every 3 days - and a flush about every 2-3 feeds. If my PPM is 1150 what should my run off be?
@ Kexsta « Fri 3:20 am »
@statefarmz How often are you feeding? if your runoff pH is 6.0 then it is okay, albeit not ideal. Try lower the pH 0.2 (6.6) before feeding next time which should get you in around the 5.8 range based on what information you have supplied. Also, be sure you are following the following feeding regime specifically for soil: http://www.cycoflower.com/feedcharts/me ... dchart.pdf
@ statefarmz « Fri 2:45 am »
Lighting: 1,000 Wat HPS
@ statefarmz « Fri 2:44 am »
I am having a few issues with my current set and was hoping you guys can assist me.
@ statefarmz « Fri 2:43 am »
@ statefarmz « Fri 2:37 am »
Hello to everyone! I am having a few issues with my current grow and was hoping you guys can assist me or shed some light on some of the issues.

My current set up is 1,000 HPS WAT lighting, 3 gallon pots, using Roots Organic 707 soil. I am using Cyco Advanced nutes. My pots are drying about every 3 days, however, it seems like the plants are weak. The leaves are also a bit yellow.

These plants were in our commercial greenhouse under an Organic Growing setting. I pulled them after two weeks of veg and placed them in my indoor setup. Before introducing the Cyco nutes I flushed them a couple times. However, I can't find myself getting a grip. Having a hard time getting the plants in a strong healthy conditions.

We are currently feeding at 6.8 pH (after mixing all the nutes with RO water). The runoff pH is 6.0.

The Cyco advanced nutes suggests that you feed at 5.5-5.8 pH. However, we are using Soil as our medium which usually requires a pH of 6.5-7 pH.

Should I be dropping my pH? What should my run off be?


P.S. - I apologize about the multiple postings - New to this forum! haha
@ Erik « Mon 3:57 am »
has started a new topic: Cyco xl
@ ducky0913 « Sat 12:28 am »
has started a new topic: Starting off in bloom
@ ducky0913 « Fri 11:52 pm »
has started a new topic: Greetings

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