FAQ from our live chat regarding Mediums
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What are expanded clay pellets...

Expanded clay pellets are inorganic and have a neutral PH, they transport and store water. The gaps between the kernels provide a good aeration (oxygen transport) for the roots. Expanded clay pellets are used as a substrate in hydroculture / hydroponics, or as a soil additive. They can also be spread as a top layer over soil around plants to minimise water evaporation and prevent the growth of unwanted weeds.

Cyco Hydro Clay is certified as a growing media through the RAL “Quality Assurance Association” therefore it is a substrate approved and used for Plant Cultivation.

Cyco Hydro Clay is tested monthly by RAL and GGS to ensure the highest quality clay is produced. Can be used as a top dressing for plants to reduce evaporation losses, reduce algae, fungus gnats and unwanted weeds.
Image What is Coco Peat...

Coco Peat, is made from coconut husks. Raw coconuts are washed, heat-treated, screened and graded before being processed into coco peat products of various granularity and denseness, which are then used for horticultural and agricultural applications including hydroponics.

Not all Coco is created equal, Cyco Coco products hold the OMRI and RHP certification guaranteeing you a superior quality product.

Is Coco Peat all i need to grow with and how important is the quality of my Coco...

Due to low levels of nutrients in its composition, coco peat is usually not the sole component in the medium used to grow plants. When plants are grown exclusively in coco peat, it is important to add nutrients according to the specific plants’ needs. Coco peat from Sri Lanka and India contain several macro- and micro-plant nutrients, including substantial quantities of Potassium.

Coco peat is not fully decomposed when it arrives and will use up available nitrogen as it does so (known as draw down); competing with the plant if there is not enough. Poorly sourced coco peat can have excess salts in it and needs washing (check electrical conductivity of run-off water, flush if high). It has a similar cation exchange capacity to sphagnum peat, holds water well, re-wets well from dry and holds around 1000 times more air than soil.

Below are links to the Cyco range of mediums (Seamix and Wormix available in Australia Q4 2016)

Coco Pearl | Coco Coir | Wormix | Seamix | Coco Bitz | Cyco Hydro Clay
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Grower: Which feeding schedule do i use if im growing in coco

Cyco Tech: You would use the hydroponic feeding chart


Grower: i popped seeds in distilled water and trying a couple of different mediums. pro-mix, a coco mix, 100% coco and 50/50 coco/perlite. after seeds popped placed all seeds in mediums and watered only using PHed water. every seed sprouted except for the 100% coco and 50/50 perlite. should i have have watered with 1/4 strength nutes since the co and 50/50 coc perlite have no nutrients for the seed to take in compared to my other mediums? if so which nutes should i use for sprouting next time with 100% coco

Cyco Tech: I'm not so sure it is nutrition versus too much or too little water content in the seed mediums. Until after the seedling pushes up it's seedling leaves, no food is needed. For sprouting, b1 boost & ryzofuel together are great. :)

Grower: for sprouting should i be using them at full strength, half or quarter strength per liter, the ryzofuel and b1 boost

Cyco Tech: Id go half on b1 and full on ryzo initially. Then after that, full strength on both once you see true leaves. Feed after that should be in medium (y)

Grower: yah i will be doing alot of testing with your product in different mediums, grows techniques. also indoor and outdoor.

this forum will proobably be a big help for what im doing

Cyco Tech: With seedlings, you just want something that drains well and holds just enough water. Don't overthink it. Also a humidity dome with a heatmat and thermostat is ideal

Grower: yah i have a humidity dome and a heat mat under a 2ft x 4 bulb t5 about 8'' from the top of the dome

Cyco Tech: Make sure to get the thermostat too

Grower: ive never had a problem getting too hot since i use solo cups. but ill get one today since you recommend it. thank you

Cyco Tech: you stick the probe in the medium, It measures the medium temperature so you know whether its roasting them or not. You can also just put it under the dome to measure ambient, your choice :)

Cyco Tech: Also again, all of the mediums you mentioned work well for seed starting. Just watch how much you water them.

Grower: yah i had a problem before with over watering with coco as seedlings

Cyco Tech: Once it is wetted down well, I use one of those pump sprayers to just keep it well-moist if that makes sense.

You want oxygen or the seeds rot.

Grower: thats exactly what im doing now

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