Just starting out? I will try and take a few bumps out of the road and get you on your way quicker and with less confusion.

If you have questions or have ideas on doing things in a better, easier way then please post and build this into a great refuge for our beginner growers... we were all there once hey :) Look forward to meeting you all.
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Cyco Nigel wrote:
Thu Feb 23, 2017 4:32 pm

Hello to all Cyco lovers,
I am Cyco Nigel from Cyco Platinum series, how is everyone doing!

Thank you for everyone's support with our product. I hope that you all are getting what you want out of our nutrients and wish you the best results that you desire when using Cyco.

I would like to hear some feedback from all you Cyco fan's about what additive's you use throughout grow and flowering.

The back of each bottle is just a general guide to help you get up and running with the basics, I can say from my own experience i have experimented with the additives many time's trying to get the best ratio while also achieving the best results I can, I think now i have the optimum feed for my own set up.

For me to achieve my optimum results everything in my room has to be running perfectly, such as:


Well that gives you something to look at, if you are on the forums and you can spare a couple of min’s let us know which products you like, why you like them as well as what results you're getting.

If you have any questions/feedback about the Cyco range, please don't hesitate to write a reply to this thread. Happy growing and I look forward to hearing from you all. :D

After reading the back of the Dr. Repair bottle , it states add 5ml per 1 liter . So I have a 5 gallon bucket with 4 gallons of water inside it at PH5.8 to 6.0 ,
There is 3.758 liters in a gallon so it's about 15.4 liters equals 4 gallons of water.
5ml of Dr. Repair per Liter means for my 4 gallons I need 5ml multiplied by 15.4 for my correct dosage for Dr. REPAIR
WITCH HAPPENS TO BE ABOUT 80 PLUS ML this actually correct when your feeding schedule states 1ml for 1 liter on the paper but on the bottle it's says diffrent. ..
What's the true dosage before I possibly just burnt about 12 well earned babys girls that were OMG exclusive.


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