Just starting out? I will try and take a few bumps out of the road and get you on your way quicker and with less confusion.

If you have questions or have ideas on doing things in a better, easier way then please post and build this into a great refuge for our beginner growers... we were all there once hey :) Look forward to meeting you all.
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DeeMarie724 wrote:
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Hello there!

The only difference between the advanced and commercial schedules, is that we remove a few products on the commercial schedule so that is more cost effective for a larger grow. As far as Kleanse , I recommend using it once at the end of every week, water it in as you would when feeding. Then start your next week with your regular nutrient regimen, and repeat weekly!
Good Afternoon Dee, I was simply curious which products are removed on the commercial schedule for cost effectiveness?

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Hi There!
We remove the Uptake and Silica during Veg and the B1 Boost from bloom :)
D Marie~
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