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New to the forums? Use this area to introduce yourself to everyone, let us know a bit about you, interests, location whatever you like.
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I've noticed whilst looking at the other years that there has never been a thread to introduce ourselves and although some people may think its a stupid idea I think it might be quite fun to learn a little bit about eachother. I don't mean for you to write your life history but general things like: name, age, what you are currently doing (eg. studying, part/full time job), what you enjoy doing in your spare time,So I'll go first:
although everyone calls me Rhi, I'm 22 years old, live in Wales, am currently in my 3rd year of studying English at University, hoping to start teacher training next year and I work part time as a veterinary receptionist. In my spare time I run my own youth group, enjoy going to the cinema and hanging around with my friends. At camp I'm hoping to be a counsellor.

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Welcome to the forums Rhi! I actually have a sister named Rhiannon and we call her Rhi as well! Looking forward to seeing more posts from you! Have a wonderful day!
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Hello from Oz, how's things in Cymru (Wales, like the other name much better).
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