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Looking at your DWC feeding chart for GROW there is only the base nutes and 3 of the additives. Is there a more advanced feeding chart for DWC?
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@ Jaymes « Sat 1:10 pm »
On the feed chart it says week 1 estimated EC is 1.6. This seems very high for seedlings. Is this right?

ANSWER: You are correct, we consider Week 1 of Veg to be once plants are proliferating with well-established root masses (maybe 8"-12" in height). For seedlings, I recommend using Grow A and Grow B at 50% strength. You can add B1 Boost at 50% strength as well.
@ ashnmikie0204_ « Fri 7:18 am »
On the kleanse product do i follow the directions on the back for coco coir

ANSWER: Kleanse should be used at a rate of 1mL/Liter of H2O regardless of the growing media. We recommend flushing your plants once a week with a Kleanse/H2O solution. Allow 24 hours to pass, then resume feeding with a nutrient solution.
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@ Kexsta « Tue 6:58 am »
@BigE To answer your question, leave the Kleanse solution in for 24 hrs then drain and add a fresh batch of nutrient solution. If this is too much to deal with each week, then do it every other week in a DWC scenario. Also should you want to discuss further, here is the Kleanse discussion area:viewtopic.php?f=17
@ Big E « Sat 1:02 am »
Hi! Can someone tell me the proper way to use the Kleanse product in a DWC system? Specifically, once I drain the weekly nutes, I refill the water and add the Kleanse keeping the PH at 5.5 to 6.0. So on Friday I drain and refill and add Kleanse. How long should I leave it in (24hrs)? Do I need to drain the Kleanse and add back nutes, or leave it in and add nutes? Thanks

Leave the Kleanse solution for 24 hrs. Drain and then add fresh nutrient solution - CYCO_Keck
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I hope everyone is doing well out there in CYCO world! Hope you all are being safe during this challenging time!
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Hey Everyone! FYI, You can start a new topic for discussion if you would like. Just click on one of the subjects pictured below and if it is not a "Locked" subject you will see a button that says "Start a New Topic". Looking forward to everyone’s contributions to the forums! Thank you for growing CYCO!
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Feeding schedule for Cyco Commercial?
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Hi Zomby, sure thing, aslong as they keep with the theme of the forums.
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Can we post photos
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Grow schedule with coco coir

We consider coco and peat growing media that are inert the same principle as a hydro feeding regime. Click here for our hydro feeding schedule:

http://www.cycoflower.com/nutrientsCalc ... anced.html
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This section is for simple chat "Hey how is everyone" etc. Can we post questions & replies to the actual forums categories please, thanks.
@ Kexsta « Wed 1:03 am »
@Waye O what is your question about UVA/UVB?
@ Kexsta « Wed 1:02 am »
@MJMgo if you are using RO water then you should be fine. Add Kleanse and go. Kleanse has Citric Acid in it which will drop the pH a little more but not by much. Some growers will still pH down to a 5.5-6.0 range out of habit but not necessary, plus it will save you some money!
@ Kexsta « Wed 1:00 am »
@Big_Lp Kleanse usage rate is 1 mL per Liter of H2O. Do not mix Kleanse with nurtrients, use it on its own..
@ Kexsta « Wed 12:59 am »
@scroby definitely water your plants with Kleanse. It will remove excess salt build up in the root zone resulting in more efficient feeding. It is a good cleaner for pumps and drip lines as well is all. As far as setting your timer to feed there are a lot of variables at play. Best suggestion is a trial and error based solution. Basically, you want your growing media to dry out in between waterings in order to avoid root rot and potential pythium outbreak. General rule of thumb is to start conservative and add on waterings and feedings as your plants ’tell’ you when they are hungry/thirsty. A lot depends on the age of the plant as well as the strain and phenotype. Different strains at different parts of the life cycle are going to feed differently. Searching online for general feed instructions for your system would be a good place to start.
@ MJM90 « Sat 7:34 am »
Am I meant to PH the water after applying Kleanse for a flush? I’m using RO water.
@ Big_Lp « Sat 3:30 am »
Got a question if ne one kan give me an answer. I would just like to know roughly how much kleanse to use
@ Scroby « Wed 11:03 pm »
@Kexsta Hey mate, so dont feed the plants Kleanse through the system necessarily and instead just soak the lines and clean my reservoir every week, top up with next weeks nutrients? Just wanted to make sure, cheers
@ Waye O « Wed 2:28 am »
got a question re: adding 280nm UVA/UVB
@ Waye O « Wed 2:27 am »
Hey all, how it going
@ Scroby « Mon 9:02 pm »
@Kexsta Also being that a timer controls when nutrient solution is dripped into the pots, would i be setting these on the timer? If so any suggested timing schedules?
@ Scroby « Mon 8:54 pm »
@Kexsta Thanks a heap mate,

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