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Sun Dec 16, 2018 2:13 pm

Hello all,

I'm using your Grow A & B + Bloom A & B along with Kleanse at the moment and was wondering if someone could answer a few questions I have about the feeding charts provided on the Cyco website. I'm using the "Basic feed chart for Hydroponic use" chart with Cyco Coco Lite in 5 gal fabric pots, I'm using RO water and just top feeding them with a watering can.

I'm currently half way through flower and on your chart I've put in that I'm using 2 litre (I use 3 x 2 litre bottles to mix the nutrients, and apply as needed, some times 4 l, some times 6 L) and that I'm only using Cyco Bloom A & B.

The chart it telling me to use 6ml per bottle (3ml/L) which I did throughout the veg cycle and the plants grew pretty much perfectly for someone with my limited experience. But I can't help but notice that its also telling me that my PPM should be 1500 or E.C 2.1 from week one onwards in the flower cycle. When I put 3ml per litre (6ml of A and B into a 2 litre bottle) my Blue Lab Truncheon is telling me the PPM is something like 300-400 PPM or 0.6-0.8 E.C.

Am I doing something wrong here or am I alright to just feed them 3 ml/L throughout flowering?

I'm asking because I saw this and upped the ratio to 12ml/L each of A & B, which brought the PPM up to about 900 (E.C 1.8) I fed this about 3 times over 3 days, which I'm starting to think was a mistake.

Another question I have is to do with Kleanse. I asked on the little chat window thing somewhere on the site about whether I should use Kleanse with RO water and was told it should be fine. I neglected to mention I'm using Coco and I'm reading all sorts of different information about how you should never feed coco pure water without nutrients in it as it disrupts the balance within the Coco ( http://www.canna.com.au/growing_on_coco ... g_the_myth )

I've only recently got a bottle of Kleanse and started flushing on Sunday for the last 3 weeks using 2 ml/L ( 3 x 2 litre bottles) and have noticed the plant seems to have come to a standstill and looks under developed for 5 weeks of flower, and I'm getting the old growers anxiety that I'm screwing something up.

Am I doing this right? Is it ok to simply add Kleanse into RO water and water with that on a Sunday? Again, I'm using Cyco Coco Lite.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me and sorry for the 2 and a half novels worth of questions :)

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Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:50 am

Hi MJM90

Perhaps check the batteries in your meter, if they are flat they will normally read low, the reason i say that is i ran hydro stores for 10 years and it was a common error.

You should not really use more than 3.5mL of the base nutrients as that is full strength, even if you run at 3mL per litre with RO water you should read 750 - 800 ppm,

12mL will burn your plants so please get the meter checked, at that strength you will do serious root damage so an urgent flush is required and back to the recommended dosage.

Let us know how you go.
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Mon Dec 17, 2018 5:54 pm

Thanks for the reply Cyco,

Get this. I read your reply and checked my truncheon in the Blue Lab Ec 2.77 calibration liquid and the truncheon read 2.8, but I changed the batteries anyway, re tested it, and it again read 2.8. So I proceeded to start measuring out 6ml and applying it to each bottle, tested it and it once again read EC 0.8 or 400 PPM, I thought what is going on here, and then thought just for hell of it I'd try another measuring cup, as I've been using a certain one the entire grow. It's just a little plastic cheapo from ebay about the size of a shot glass that measures up to 30ml in 5 ml increments, and the new one I tried is a bigger 100ml cup in 10ml increments, its much taller and much wider at the base of the cup. Anyway, filled to just over half way up to 10ml of both A and B and applied it to the water and what do you know, it reads EC 1.6 or 800 PPM. I've been under feeding my plants this whole time :D

So if you're saying that I should be getting 800 PPM with the ratio I'm using, I think we've found the problem. I'll be using the bigger cup from now on, I'm really not sure how that could happen, maybe I'm ignorant to some fact, but I thought 6ml was 6ml, I'm guessing its because the smaller cup is an el cheapo off Ebay from China for $1.50,

Now that thats cleared up, what do you reckon about the Kleanse? Is it alright to use the 4ml (in the new cup lol) in 2 litres of RO water with Cyco Coco Lite? I was assuming that because the feed chart off your website says that that particular chart is for Cyco mediums including Coco Lite, that it would be fine, as you guys, of course, know your product best after all. But I keep reading on forums and such people saying "never feed Coco water without any nutrients in it, it screws up the "feed cashions" or something like that? I'm not sure if Kleanse is considered a nutrient or not?
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