Proper flushing for Oxygen Pot Bucket system?

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I love your products, the PH balance really saves a lot of time and hassle.
My current setup is a 6 pot Oxygen Pot Ebb and Flow system with a 50 gallon reservoir, up to this point (although I do not use the Kleanse that I own) but I do end up adding about 70% of the 50 gallons of fresh water back into res, so that by time I perform my next complete change I have cycled through/put in about 35 extra gallons of fresh water. Complete exchanges are performed every 10 days, ppm is 950 at initial mixture. My thought was that as it consumed the nutrient rich mixture and I replaced it with fresh RO water I was mildly flushing at the end of every 10 day cycle..? This is Hydroton pebbles in fabric pruning pots for the medium.
Now I have just started week 7 of Flower, what is your exact recommendations for how I proceed in my final steps? The strain is a 60-65 day finisher, I have all your products at my disposal including Kleanse.

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