Outback Series - Basic Usage Tips

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Fri Jun 28, 2019 5:15 am

We have gotten some general usage questions on how best to use our new Outback Series so we came up with some basic usage guidelines for our new organic line of products: Outback Vegetive, Outback Flowering and Outback Seeweed Mix.

General Outback Series usage points:

1) For broadcasting, side dressing or top dressing large fields use 20 of the 20 Kg bags per acre of land.

2) For top dressing, side dressing or broadcasting in smaller gardens or on potted plants us 10 grams per square foot .

3) For blending or amending soil in container gardens or pots use 1.5 grams per gallon of soil or growing media. (This method is also great for creating a seedling mix with just Seeweed).

4) You can also put 50 grams each of Veg, Veg+Seeweed, Flowering or Flowering + Seeweed in the hole prior to planting or transplanting. Just be sure to cover fertilizer with about .5"-1" of soil and do not put roots directly on top of fertilizer. Can put a mycorrhizae product on top of the soil prior to planting as well...

Has anyone else encountered any unique usage methods or quantities when using Outback Series?

-Chris Keck
VP of Sales for CYCO
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