Using potash plus, swell and supa stcky together.

Cyco Swell plays an essential part in photosynthesis, plant maturation, aids in Withstanding stress; increasing growth and encouraging bloom.
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I don't know if this is in the right place, but my question might help someone else also.
What would happened if you use potash plus, supa sticky and swell at the same time.

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elevated levels of P and K. HAHA.....but if you look at Potash, the K used is derived from Potassium Sulfate, whereas the K in Swell and Supa Stiky is derived from Potassium nitrate. I don't have a full understanding but I believe the different sources have an impact on soil chemistry and PH of the grow medium.

Here is a link that touches on the topic: ... -k-sources
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You never want to mix Potash and Swell at the same time. It is recommended to use the Potash for the first half of the Flowering stage, and Swell the second half of the Flowering stage. It is perfectly fine, and recommended to use Supa Sticky for the last 4 weeks of Flower while using Swell. Hope this answers your question.
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