Poor Density / Flower size

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Fri Feb 09, 2018 8:06 pm

Hi there, I have been using the Cyco line for several years now and my last run had some problems. I have always gotten excellent quality out of Cyco nutes but I feel like my yield has lacked at some points.

I generally make a couple small tweaks from time to time to try out. Last time I switched from Ready Grow aeration Mix to Tupor for my medium throughout the grow and bloom cycles. During veg I use Grow A, Grow B, Rhyzofuel, Zyme, everytime and silica here and there. The only changes I made to the nutrients were to start the Potash a few days earlier during bloom then I had before ( around day 7 or 8 of flower) to run Zyme well into the end of bloom, and to add uptake here and there. I am using 1k watt hps and roughly 1200ppm of CO2 in 3 gallon fabric pots.

I have always mixed a little lower then the charts say to, ie starting off at 1.5 EC when Bloom starts and gradually increasing up to 1.9 or 2.0 towards the end. I'm using a small boy filter before tank mixing. My water starts at .4 EC and it seems like when I try to push beyond 1.7 or 1.8 total before gradually building up I get burns, ect. I generally flush with kleanse when the runoff gets above 2.1 or so early, or 2.5 or so later in bloom. I'm PHing the solution to 5.5-5.9 all the time usually on the lower side. I used Bloom A , B, Potash, Zyme, and a little extra botanicare calmag+ every feed during early bloom, adding silica sometimes. I have always done this in the past, and actually the only time I saw the density problem before was when I tried to stop adding the calmag+ and use more bloom A and B for a round. I use Bloom A, B, every feed, then swell one time supa sticky the next during late bloom throwing in some suga rush here and there and also calmag+. I also used uptake a few times during this bloom run which I hadn't before. I was salivating thinking about what using Zyme during all of bloom plus using the humic/fulvic acids in Uptake would make my final product look like but it actually seems worse. It doesn't seem like either of those additives would have anything to do with it.

This last time I didn't change very much but I got really poor density out of a lot of the plants. I got super airy flowers out of strains that I usually crush. I also had a few that just seemed to never swell up after day 45 or so. The frost/terp production was great overall but yield sucked. Some strains turned out crazy quality, some turned out airy and crappy.
It seems like I got some kind of lock out but I can't figure out if so or why. Maybe you can shed some light on this?

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Tue Feb 13, 2018 6:32 am

Hi there, first off thank you for supporting our product. Just to be clear cal mag is present in both bases(Grow&Bloom) & also our Dr.Repair. On our Prokit it states for optimum results use 4ml/gal throughout entire grow. What will you see and experience when using? An absolutely beautiful lush green canopy with no unhappy plants and smooth sailing. I highly recommend implementing Dr.Repair into your schedule. Also we have the Grower’s best friend—-The Cyco Nutrient Calculator. It’s FREE on the Droid and IPhone App Store. It walks you through your Grow with ease and is simple to navigate. Feel free to contact me for further questions. 541 801 6968 Angel
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