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We have been getting this question a lot lately as the popularity of Autoflower seeds and clones increases. I wanted to start a topic on using our products with autoflowering plants. Here is an answer I recently sent to a grower asking about using CYCO with his autoflower phenotypes. Here was their question:

I am a first time grower and I purchased the Platinum starter package. Well, I am growing in CYCO Seamix soil and growing autoflower. Is there even a Cyco autoflower schedule, or did I just get buy too many unnecessary products?

You have exactly what you need to grow and harvest a great yield. All fertilizers similar to ours and including ours are designed for two phases of plant growth, the Vegetive stage and the Flowering/Bloom stage. In an indoor growing scenario, one must trigger the change from the Veg stage to the Flower stage by reducing the amount of hours the plant is exposed to light and the exposing the plants to higher amounts of Phosphorous and Potassium. In an Outdoor scenario, plants have to wait for the season to begin to change with regard to the amount of daylight hours the plants are exposed to which triggers the flowering stage.

In the case of auto-flowering plants, they do not require this shift in the amount of light to start flowering, hence the name. In your Prokit, there is a feeding chart that is broken down i to the two stages, Vegetive and Flowering. Here is what you need to do for an auto-flowering plant:

1. Follow the Vegetive chart until the plant starts to flower or “auto-flower”.
*Note: You can find pictures online of what your variety of plant will look like once it starts to flower.

2. Once the plant has started flowering, switch to the Flowering feeding regime until the flowers are ripe (once again images are available online). Your specific auto-flower may have a set or recommended amount of time that is recommended for the flowering stage length, you can follow that as well.

Since there are so many different varieties of plants and even different varieties of auto-flowering plants out there it is impossible to define a singular feed-chart for them all. You just need to cut or add weeks on the general feed-chart on the inside of your box. Also, since you are using an amended soil such as CYCO Seamix or Wormix, we recommend following our “Soil” feedchart, link below: ... dchart.pdf

Once again, you will just cut or add weeks to the Veg and Flowering cycle based on how your auto-flower develops. When cutting or adding weeks use the later week feeding schedules in both the Vegetive and flowering stages (i.e. cut or repeat week 8 in the Flowering stage).

Hope this helps to answer your question and keep us posted on how things progress. We love pictures as well!

-Chris Keck
VP of Sales for CYCO
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