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Sun Jul 14, 2019 7:53 pm

I’m a first time grower. I picked up the platinum series kit on sale when I bought all of my grow equipment. I run a 4x8X6.5 foot tent. 2 1000 watt HPS lights. I run the light on super mode (the mode above 100% on my ballasts). I pump 17,000 Btu of Ac to keep my temps under control. My environment is pretty steady. Maintain between 78-84 degrees during light cycle. Humidity between 45-55. Is there an ideal environment temperature for your products? Like I can switch the ballasts to 100% and I can maintain 77-80 degrees... I’ve used the entire veg nutes cycle according to the chart. About 50%_75% feedings instead of 100%. I used grow xl that 1 week and even got ryzofuel. I’m currently at the end of my second week of flower. Im using the flower nutes at about 75% of what the platinum series box chart states. The main question I came here to ask is most people around my area preach about flushing your plants the last two weeks of flower. But your box instructs to feed all 8 weeks. Any information on this??? Also I was reading through some forums and was curious how I use ryzofuel in flower? Also I saw somewhere that there is a way to use grow xl in flower?? As much information about this you could share would be amazing. Cause otherwise I’m going to be able to give this bottle of grow xl to my grandkids. 🤪 I use hp promix soil in 5 gallon buckets. My canopy is 3x6. I’m starting 3rd week of flower tomorrow.

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Tue Jul 16, 2019 1:03 am

Royleroy, I am going to answer your questions one at a time:

First, there is not an ideal environmental temperature range to use our nutrients or any nutrients for that matter, there is only an ideal range for plants in an indoor garden (we get this question all of the time). :lol: I would say that 84 is a bit on the high side for a 4 X 8 grow area. I would suggest running the 1000 watt lights that you have at 1000W and not overcharging if that helps to lower the temp. 80 is definitely going to reduce any possible stress issues with your plants.

As far as flushing goes, we recommend to flush your plants once a week in addition to flushing your plants the last 10-14 days prior to harvest. This is a good habit to get into with any fertilizer that you use. We list our flushing recommendation on our feed chart in between each of the weeks as well as the end. The ProKit says "Flush with Kleanse" vertically in between each week and at the end. Kleanse is our pharmaceutical-grade flushing product.

Using Ryzofuel and CYCO XL in flower... CYCO recommends following the feed charts that we have provided as your guidelines. The nice thing about CYCO is that you can "tinker" with the overall feeding chart due to the line being broken up into all of the individual parts. We call this allowing for flexibility while using our products. The unfortunate part is, that every growing environment, every nutrient delivery system, every growing media and even every plant is different. In light of all of these variables, we do not make recommendations on using our products outside of our general feeding recommendations. If you read online or have a friend that uses our products differently from the recommended feeding regimes then it is up to you to experiment and try stepping off of the path we have laid out for growers to follow. The growers that veer from the standardized feeding charts are growers that have been growing for a very long time, are very familiar with our product line and/or have a great understanding of plant biology.

I hope this answers your questions, keep us posted on how everything grows!
-Chris Keck
VP of Sales for CYCO
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