Tips for using CYCO Kleanse weekly

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CYCO Kleanse is an excellent tool for weekly flushing in any media. Top feeding coco, deep water culture or irrigation, Kleanse will help to clear out salts from the roots of plants. This happens by solubilizing the nutrient build up that we often see on roots, pots, and substrates like coco or rockwool. Kleanse is especially effective in irrigation and deep water culture systems. I have used Kleanse to keep feed lines clear of buildup. It is also handy for a heavy cleaning of irrigation systems.
I personally use Kleanse once per week along with microbes and 5.8 pH water. Products like Mammoth P or Photosynthesis Plus are great options for microbial life and beneficial bacteria. The dextrose in Kleanse acts as a food source to these bacterias. Who in turn, recycle the nutrients and make them more available to the plants. This also really helps the plants stay free of unnecessary stress that occurs with salt build up. Too much of this build up can lead to nutrient lockout. This means there is an abundance of nutrients that are in the media, but the plant cannot properly uptake what it is being fed.
Kleanse is incredibly useful throughout all stages of plant life to keep plants happy and stress free. When plants are properly uptaking; it means they eat more! This leads to higher yields and better quality product in the long run.

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