Feed everyday?

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I have rooms in various stages of bloom.

Coco/perlite media.

I am running cyco platinum with a ppm around 1500-1900, depending on the stage.

Should I be feeding every day of the week expect by weekly Kleanse?

Was considering running a diluted feed dependent upon runoff EC/ppm.


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I feed when my plants are ready to be fed. Feeding every day, unless your plants are drying out daily, can lead to overwatering. If your plants are responding positively to the EC/ppm that you are feeding them, there seems like no reason to dilute your feed.

I give my plants food every time the need watered, and incorporate a Kleanse feed once per week that includes microbes.

Checking the EC/ppm of your runoff is an excellent way to make sure your plants aren't retaining too much mineral content in the media (coco/pearl). If you see that your runoff is drastically higher than your input, that is a sign to run a Kleanse flush. Followed by diluted feedings.
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Some people are starting to steer there plants to drive where they want it to grow. Its High Volume less times VS Low Volume more often . With hydro such as coco or rockwool , they have timers that set off drip systems or flood systems and dependinf on desired results , they would either do this way or the other. More feeding volume means you dont have to apply it often or you will get stunted locked growth from saturated ppms and water. So less volume feeding drives more root and internodal branching growth and allows you to feed daily when you feed your plants only a little shot or event , that is quick and doesnt bring more then 5%run off . Basicly Low Volume feeds more often in event shots are better off and you can feed as much as 4 times a day before the media is saturated enough to stop for the lights off and then begin the next small feedings the next day. Grodan has a whole blog and other sites have extensive research on the whole Volume of feedings vs orginial methods.
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