Have I got hermies???

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Can anyone confirm for me that I’m looking at hermaphrodite flower??? I’m pretty sure but in denial... heart broken, devastated!!! My lovely lady’s gone and grown balls-? I think.... bwaaa waaa- cruel world!!!
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From what I can see, it looks to just be early stages of flowering. Usually, hermaphroditic traits will start to show in week 3 of bloom. I see flower nodes stacking and pistils with hairs. Could you provide any more pics? Maybe use the flash and zoom in on what you think you are seeing for "balls".
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Its possiable that you have a couple stress pods shooting off there in the photos . There is only two I can spot , 1 in each photo. Its not a full on hermie. A full blown hermie is truly up and down all over both sexes . When you hit a few seed pods typically there at the bottom branches , or up one branch typically the lowest of the branchs that has to catch up to the others to compete for a true spot to flower at canopy level , will typically be the one to show seed pods and alot of genetics do that .The seeds pods can also hide under the other bud sites and disgusie themselfs under some female sex parts but have that male shap. But ultimaly what Im saying , is No you dont have a true herm but , it looks to be a couple stress pods . It happens with either the genetic is f1 poly just made and not f2 or f3 stable or its stress factors such as loght intenseity and temps and light leaks and bad issues inside the garden . I wish next time you posted you red circled the spots you thought were seed pods or hermie and then I could verify where I see the Pods in each picture. Only 2 I see (80% sure , there blurry a bit ) , so pick them off and keep growing it . If it has more then 8 pods and is all over the place and out of control you must throw the cultivar/plant away , it makes bad seeds and doesnt make for good yeilds cause it focuses its time on seed making and more pods . Its a Bad idea to grow plants that seed pod off or to breed with them .
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