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Hello there.
I spoke with CycoKek via IG not long ago about additional information for cyco products regarding ingredients and amounts. I was told there were new labels in the works and am just wondering if this information was available. I work at a licensed cannabis producer in Canada and we are trying to figure out why we are seeing Cal/mag deficiencies. Can you tell us what products hold the cal/mag and what ratios? Is there a way for us to see in more detail what the various products hold and at what concentrations for the micro and macro ingredients. What do you recommend what using your entire line and seeing deficiencies?

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Tue Apr 28, 2020 2:37 am

Hello there, this is CYCO_Keck... T0 answer your question, our CYCO Grow A has Calcium derived from a pharmaceutical grade Calcium Nitrate while our CYCO Grow B has Magnesium derived from a pharmaceutical grade Magnesium Nitrate. CYCO Bloom A has Calcium present as well, once again derived from a pharmaceutical grade Calcium Nitrate. On top of Ca and Mg being present in our bases, CYCO Dr. Repair is, in fact, a Ca/Mg/Fe supplement. It contains a high percentage of Ca and Mg in it but it is not listed on the label at this time (this is the label change you are referencing that we are in the process of updating but it is a long process). I have ac couple of questions for you:
1) What do you run your pH at in Veg? Flower?
2) What is the temperature of your room?
3) What kind of lighting are you using?
4) Do you perform weekly flushes or flush at all?

pH: Every macro and micro nutrient has a higher availability rate at different pH levels. If your pH is not in an optimal range then this could lead to the unavailability of certain elements to the plants.

Temp: If your room is at a higher temperature, it could be causing the plants to not take up nutrients appropriately.

Lighting: We have been finding that grows using LEDs plants tend to consume higher than normal amounts of both Ca and Mg.

Flushing: If you are not flushing there exists the possibility for nutrient lockout. We encourage everyone to, at the very least, flush with RO water once every week or two. Definitely should be using a clearing agent when switching from Veg to Flower.

Overall: All plants feed at different rates so if none of the above is an issue for your grow, try increasing the Dr. Repair usage from 1 mL/Liter of H2O to 2 mL/liter until deficiency corrects itself.

If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to reach out directly to me at
-Chris Keck
VP of Sales for CYCO
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Also worth noting that if you are supplementing Cal/mag in an attempt to correct a mis-diagnosed issue, you could be causing calcium toxicity, which presents like a deficiency.
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