Stunted growth

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Hi , need help with 2 clones. They were going great but 4 weeks ago stopped growth. They look healthy , green & lush but won't get any size about them. They have stiff, woody branches with red streaking. Thinking I had a boron deficiency back then as temp was high & rh low, started to show blotchy leaves. Corrected but now won't grow. Thinking of trying suga rush ? Any suggestions??

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Hello, This is Chris with CYCO. It does sound like the plants are experiencing some lockout. This could be caused by the higher temperatures and low relative humidity. You mentioned red stems on the plants. This is a sign of the plant desiring more Calcium. CYCO Dr. Repair is an excellent source of calcium and magnesium. If the environmental problems have been fixed, there are a few things you can do to help get your plants back on track.

Check pH and ppm/ec of runoff from your plants. If the runoff is too pH high or low, you will need to adjust the pH of the inputs to help get your media to an appropriate level. If the ppm/ec of the runoff is excessive, this is a sign that the plants are not able to uptake any fertilizer.

Often when plants are locked out or experiencing pH imbalance, we do what is called a "Repair Feed" CYCO Dr. Repair 5ml/L, CYCO Zyme 1ml/L and CYCO B1 Boost 1ml/L. The goal is to adjust any imbalance in pH to a more suitable level for plants uptake properly.
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