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Hay fullas

Bout to switch to flower. Didn’t have the kleanse stuff only just found out about it. So will order some and use from now on. But I do need to switch to flower today. I’m running outta space these cyco products are amazing . Bloody ak47 is taking off. So healthy and big and green. So I’m turning to flower cause it will outgrow my hobby size tent if I don’t.

This time I’m flushing with water 24 hours while instead u til I get kleanse. Is that cool?

Will it wash all the grow nutrient and salts from root system properly?

I live very rural so it takes a while to order cyco products

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Using water (hopefully RO water) for 24 hours is totally fine if that is all you have to work with. We do suggest a weekly flush especially during flower. Once you have Kleanse in your possession you can start flushing weekly once you receive it.
-Chris Keck
VP of Sales for CYCO
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